No Plans for 50th
Perhaps a luncheon at American Legion Madiera Bch in Spring of 2019
Celebrate coming home alive!
Best for New Year

Wrap-up 49th Reunion 2017
Plantation Crystal River Resort 
Great Time with 19 of our Vets.
Photo Album

.  49th Reunion Photo 5/04/17 -  L-R- Gene Perez, Gus Deuben, Mike Reed, Mike McGee, Stan Cidlowski, Tom Twitty, Rick McCormick, Tom Labar, Charlie Santana, Gary Owen, Bob Cole, George Davis, Frank Torres, Jim Sanders, Paul Cleveland, Amando DeLaTorre, Larry Acree, Bob Ammon, Phil Sklelton

May 3rd Wed Night- Meet and Greet  -- Participants arrived at the Dogwood Hospitality Room that was set up and hosted by Linda Twitty who did all the heavy lifting. (Thanks Linda).   Movies and Slides were shown and "Bull Shit was Slung" while we downed beer, wine and food.  Some late survivors proceeded to the Resort Bar to make sure the next morning hangovers would remind us of the old days.   

May 4th ​Thur AM -​  There was an 8 Player Golf Match at Plantation Course of which 5 of our Vets played.  The winners (all 231st Vets) were Santana, Torres, Cidlowski and McGee who beat the Twitty's (Tom & Son  Mike) and two guest Rick Hardwick and John O'Neill.  O'Neill did the re-do of our Grand Dad's Gator Logo for the T-Shirts and Hardwick was on hand to resuscitate any of our Vets that succumbed to the Hangover.  He was a genuine Army Medic that missed his units call-up back in 1968. He supports our Unit and thankful that he missed the adventure. 
Meanwhile, Folks Toured around the Resort and Nature Coast and gathered for Dinner Banquet at the Sable Room.  I introduced the Speakers and Guest that Included Rick Starkey and His Brother, VA Advocates, Jack Calbeck and his wife Elaine, (Photographers) who did a great job recording the event.  Also present was the Band Mike McGee recruited,  Stephanie & Moses Greyhound Band that was accompanied by Mike Twitty of Folk University.  They made some great music.  The dinner was catered by the Resort (plated dinners) and full bar.  London Broil and Grilled Chicken and all the fixings. No one was short of food servings by the great staff of Plantation.  Job well done!.   

Now the Extra Info
We did the accounting and looks like we are only short a little under $300.00 after rounding up all the receipts we can locate.   
We collected $2,128.00 including the $35.00 initial deposit from Vets and Dinner Fees. 
We spent $411.89 for Hospitality Night and $1,972.64 for Banquet Room, Food  etc. 
So anyone that wants to pony up some bucks to cover the shortage send a check to Linda Twitty at 68 Vinca St, Homosassa, FL 34446.  

Norm Cameron who unfortunately could not attend, supplied the front money for the Grand Dads Gator T-shirts ($400.00 ) and he contributed $100.00 of the initial deposit money for the event. We still have plenty of shirts left and need some additional sales to cover Norm's Investment.  You can order a shirt by sending sizes and mail a check to Linda Twitty below or use our website and PayPal on line.  If you mail a check shirts are only $10.00 each Plus $5.00 for mailing cost.  
Linda Twitty 
68 Vinca St
Homosassa, FL 34446

Or Go To our 231st Home Page  Follow Link to PayPal. 
You can select sizes there.  

Thanks to those that participated.
To those that didn't, ​can still support this ongoing website and contribute by buying a T-Shirt.
Best to all for the Summer

Hopefully we can all gather somewhere for our 50th. 

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