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MISSION: To provide Combat Veterans a web portal with pertinent information, professional summaries, publishing opportunities to preserve history. This digitized information will be preserved for duration available for instant viewing as educational archives for current and future generations. Only personal content provided and approved by members will be published. This site is supported by Veterans and their families plus public donations and advertising and purchased via the CombatVets Store.


HOW IT STARTED: CombatVets.net, org, com was registered in October, 1999. This Veteran Service Organization was a subsidiary of Internet Commercial Advantage Inc. (INTCA).   INTCA assets were picked up by LovedOnes Inc. and assumed control of IT support for the CombatVets Network.  It continues to provide member services and publishes free Bio’s / Memorials for CombatVets via it’s new system called Community@CombatVets.net“.  Any shortfall in funding has been handled by Editors and LovedOnes Inc.


In 1998 Tom Twitty a Vietnam Vet was appointed Managing Editor of the American Ex-Prisoners of War ” EX-POW Bulletin Magazine” which was established in 1942.   His work was responsible for the upgrade of this national magazine to a full color coated stock and the creation of it’s new Logo and Website. This exposure to Veteran publishing defined the need for a Veterans Interactive Website with more information available to all Veterans. CombatVets.net offered self publishing of Veterans Bio’s and Memorial Capability. The www.CombatVets.net website offers membership to Combat Veterans and Families without fanfare, dues meetings and parades.   Mr. Twitty served with the U.S. Army 231st Reserves unit based in St. Petersburg, FL. This unit was activated and saw action threw out the Mekong Delta of Vietnam in 1968-69. See his Tom’s Military Bio on-line


Roy Livingstone – POW Editor, CombatVets.net , Commander of American Ex-Prisoners of War Seminole Barbed Wire Chapter Tampa Bay, Fl..  Roy has been in Advertising, Franchise Sales and Marketing and the owner of Sr. Golfer Magazine. Roy retired around 1990 and became very active in the POW cause.  He was instrumental in up-grading editorial content and fully supported the upgrade in quality of print production and formation of the EX-POW website.  He is a proponent of the digital future and has the vision to promote this technology to his peers.  Roy also was the contributing Editor for Web Partners Stalag 17B and Vice Commander of Florida State Chapter of American Ex-Prisoners of War.   Before his death Roy’s most current project was www.POWnews.com . He passed this site on to CombatVets Network and passed away 2010. We encourage you to visit this site and view Roy’s Bio below. Roy and his crew were shot down over Germany on a bombing mission.

Click Here to view Roy Livingstone’s Military Bio on-line 
Also a Video of Roy’s Life that you will enjoy to the of Hogans Hero’s

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